The Introduction of John M. N99 Respirator

The Introduction of John M. N99 Respirator

John M. N99 respirators are currently masked LV

Formosa Energy-carbon won
Ministry of Health and Welfare medical grade N99 respirators permit
- the first and only country to obtain the manufacturer.

Thank you for many years to Formosa Energy-carbon professional and to mention
Let us have the opportunity to make a contribution to the community of high regulation valve N99 super breathable masks.

Formosa Energy-carbon N99 respirators made
Ministry of Economic Affairs Standard Inspection Bureau Zhengyin mark certificate (Taizheng word No. 8374)
Taiwan products MIT smile mark
US Nelson Laboratories demonstrate compliance with the Niosh N99 respirator specification
Ministry of Health and Welfare medical grade N99 masks permit

And apply for the US FDA

Formosa Energy-carbon's efforts to survive the hard work for all to see

We continue to self-demand to enhance the quality of all the colleagues unite and strive to work together.
And by the Shan Yan Enterprise Management Consultants Ltd. Yang Yanxiu teacher under the careful guidance.
Smooth import ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality management system
Thank you very much for the teacher Yang!
Let us quality control of the root so that we use peace of mind
We adhere to the quality of commitment to the customer's most high-profile safety mask.
We go all out and go through fire and water.

Have your support, Formosa Energy-carbon have the courage to face difficulties and challenges!
Have your love, Formosa Energy-carbon have the ability to focus on research and development and innovation!
All because of you, Formosa Energy-carbon can break through the dilemma and thrive!

Thank you very much!!!
Once again share this glory to our beloved customers.
This glory is the most dedicated to you!

But also sincerely look forward to Formosa Energy-carbon patted hand fireworks
Greatly support Formosa Energy-carbon to continue to support Taiwan's products

Thank you for your care, Formosa Energy-carbon professional worthy of your trust!