台湾精碳有限公司(TWEC) 台南市永康区盐洲二街151号 $ 06-243-5579 Welcome to export the all kinds of face masks to the whole world. 1. high BFE(99.9%) and PFE(>80%) for normal medical face mask.2. high BFE(99.9%) and PFE(>95%) for N95 medical face mask.3. high BFE(99.9%) and PFE(>99%) for N99 dust and medical respirators.适用PM2.5环境N99 respirators for 0.075um > 99%(PFE).We are looking for the agents in Japan for selling the N99 respirator, the NO. 1 product of the world.   台湾精碳(TWEC)的经营理念 ~以顾客、品质、服务三方为中心   我们重视每一个支持台湾精碳的客户,要让这样的重视反映在我们的产品,让客户们能够安心、健康以及满意。活用台湾在地的材料,坚持在地的制造,以真正的MIT来提供客户健康活力的每一天。以「顾客第一、品质至上、服务创新」的理念,提供客户一流之服务品质。稳建、踏实、诚信、良心经营,开拓国际视野,为全体员工建立一个优良的工作环境。You must know about TWEC N95 for any buyer感谢各位国内外客户的订购与支持,相信台湾精碳的N95口罩可以协助世界各国医疗人员与民众一起防疫「新冠病毒」。有鉴於最近市场上有自称是台湾精碳的经销商,提供客户非公司制式的「采购意向书」与「交易合约」(合约书内还有针对买家的罚款条例),且提供错误的价格,并且要求客户先汇款私人帐户。以上行为已经严重侵害到台湾精碳有限公司的公司信誉与正规经销商权益,本公司将以市场监督管理人员搜证后,目前保留行使提告的权力,请涉及以上行为人士,切勿触法。本公司公告,只要是「国外客户的TWEC 订单」或「单笔订单数量超过十万片TWEC N95」,必须签署本公司制式的「LOI:采购意向书」与「Contract:交易合约书」,才算是正式接单。如果您的国外客户没有签署以上文件,将不会收到公司任何出货的产品。Formosa Energy Carbon Co., LTD. official website statement:Thank you for your order and support from TAIWAN and other country customers. We do believe Formosa Energy Carbon’s N95 masks can help medical personnel and people around the world with epidemic prevention of "COVID 19".However, recently there are a few fake distributors of Formosa Energy Carbon claiming can provide very low prices to customers in the market, they also provide customers with unauthorized "purchasing letters of intent" and "transaction contracts" (the contract also includes fines for buyers) and wrong selling price, and requires customers to remit the down payment to some private accounts. The above behavior has seriously infringed on the reputation of Formosa Energy Carbon Co., LTD. and the rights of regular distributors. Formosa Energy Carbon reserves the right to sue the fake distributors.The company will send the supervisor in market for criminal evidence. Please people who involve the above action / behavior and do not violate the law.The company announced that as long as TWEC N95 mask orders from foreign customers or single order quantity exceeds 100,000 pieces of TWEC N95 mask, it is necessary to sign the Formosa Energy Carbon authorized "LOI: Letter of Intent" and "Contract: Selling Contract" . If your foreign customers do not sign the above documents, you will not receive any products shipped by the our company. 官网 Line ID :twec24389826file:///C:/Users/user/AppData/Local/Temp/Rar$EXa0.866/QRCodeVerify.html




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